Start up-notification - other types of business or organization

Other types of business or organization are:

  • foundations
  • European Economic Interest Groupings, or interest groupings registered elsewhere that start a business in Finland
  • Societas Europaea
  • mutual insurance companies
  • savings banks
  • mortgage societies
  • insurance associations
  • state-owned businesses (public businesses)
  • tenant-owners' societies
  • tax consortia (taxable groupings)
  • agricultural traders and forestry traders

A tax consortium is a group of two or more individuals whose aim is to use, rent out, or farm a property. According to the nature of their activities, tax consortia are called agricultural, property, or forestry consortia.

Agricultural traders are called farm operators. They include independent entrepreneurs engaged in agriculture, or in agriculture and forestry, estates of deceased persons, or two spouses running the operations together.

Forestry operators include private persons, estates of deceased persons, or two spouses that own forest land.

File a start-up notification using a paper form

File your start-up notification using form Y1, Y2, or Y3, depending on which type of business or organization you are starting. It is not yet possible to submit this notification online.

Please scroll down for the forms. Fill in the form - either in Finnish or in Swedish - on your computer, then print it at A4 size, and send it to the address given on the form.

Pay a handling fee

As the start-up notification is handled by the PRH Trade Register, there is a handling fee. See the prices and payment instructions on the PRH website.

Please fill in the forms in Finnish or in Swedish.

Download paper forms and instructions