Start-up notification

When you start up a business or an organization, you have to notify:

  • the Trade Register or Register of Foundations, which are maintained by the PRH
  • the VAT register, Prepayment Register, and Employer Register, which are maintained by the Tax Administration.

Although there are several registers, you only have to file one single notification with the Finnish Business Information System (BIS), which is jointly maintained by the PRH and the Tax Administration. Go to the instructions, online services and paper forms through the menu on the left. There are separate instructions for each type of business and organization.

Please note that the PRH Register of Associations is not included in the BIS, which is why you have to submit any notices about associations to the PRH. Read more about the Register of Associations on the PRH website.

Business ID

Your new business is issued an ID once your start-up notification has been added to the Business Information System (BIS). Read more about Business IDs.

Online filing

You can file a start-up notification for a private trader or a limited liability company either online or using a paper form.

Start-up notifications of other types of businesses and organizations can only be filed using paper forms.

Paper forms

You will find the forms by clicking the respective type of business or organization in the menu on the left.


Notifications to the Tax Administration are always free of charge, whereas most notifications to the Trade Register and Register of Foundations are subject to a fee. Read more about the prices.

Practical guidelines for setting up a business

What type of business should I choose? How can I test my business idea? How do I arrange the financing, insurances and accounting? You can get a wide range of information on how to start a business from, a service co-ordinated by the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. Go to the website.