Notification of changes

You must report all changes within your company or organization

  • to the Trade Register or Register of Foundations, which are maintained by the PRH, and
  • to the VAT register, Prepayment Register and Employer Register, which are maintained by the Finnish Tax Administration.

You report the changes to the Finnish Business Information System (BIS), which is jointly maintained by the PRH and the Tax Administration. You will find the instructions, online services and paper forms in the left-hand menu. There are separate instructions for each type of business and organization.

Please note that the PRH Register of Associations is not included in the BIS system - you cannot search for association details using the BIS company search on this website, and if you have filed notifications online or on paper with the BIS system, they are not automatically forwarded to the Register of Associations. Read more about the Register of Associations on the PRH website.

File changes online

Please note that online filing is only available in Finnish and in Swedish.

File changes using paper forms

You can also file changes using our paper forms. You will find the forms by clicking the appropriate type of business or organization in the left-hand menu.


It is free of charge to file changes with the Tax Administration. Please note however that most notifications submitted to the PRH Trade Register or Register of Foundations are subject to a fee. Read more about the prices.