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Company search

You can use the company search to search for basic details of companies, organisations, and associations by their Business ID. The search is free of charge.

Click on the Business ID in the search results to see the company details.

What details does the company search contain?

As an example, the company search gives you the following details of companies, organisations or foundations:

  • the Business ID
  • the registers which it has registered with (including the PRH Trade Register and Register of Foundations, and the Prepayment Register, Employer Register and VAT Register at the Finnish Tax Administration)
  • the company name (trade name), and parallel company names and auxiliary company names, if any
  • the company form
  • the place of registered office (home municipality)
  • the main line of business
  • the language of the company or organization (Finnish or Swedish)
  • the postal address or street address, or other contact details submitted to the BIS (telephone number, fax number, email address or website address)
  • the company situation (bankruptcy, liquidation or restructuring proceedings, if any)
  • interruption of business
  • tax debt details
  • the issued LEI and the date of issue (if issued by the PRH).

The company search only shows register entries that are in effect at the time of viewing. If you want to see details that were previously in effect, click “Show registration history" to find them together with the start and expiry date.

This public information service does not contain any personal identity codes because of privacy protection.

The name and address of persons with private trader (“tmi" or “toiminimi" or "toiminimiyrittäjä" in Finnish) as the company form, cannot be shown in the public information service because of privacy protection if the person is not registered at the PRH Trade Register or the VAT Register. In that case, only the Business ID, company form and register entries are shown.

Further information:

Company tax debt

The Tax Debt Register is a public service allowing you to check outstanding tax liabilities and negligence in tax return filing. The service includes companies, self-employed, and estates of deceased persons operating a business. Negligence in filing means that the Tax Return for Self-Assessed Taxes has been filed late or not filed at all.

The register entries are not permanent. Instead, they are removed from the register immediately after the settlement of the debt has been received, or after receipt of the Tax Return for Self-Assessed Taxes . Although the tax debt is publicly disclosed, the register does not show any exact amounts.

You do not have to log on to the service to retrieve tax debt details of companies or organizations through the company search. However, you must log on with your ID to retrieve tax debt details of persons operating a business (private traders, self-employed), or tax debt details of estates of deceased persons. Tax debt details of private traders or estates of deceased persons may only be used for purposes referred to in the Public Procurement Act and in the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out.

Private traders can use their ID to check their tax debt details from the company search.

Please contact the Tax Administration for further details.

Go to the Tax Administration website at link in a new tab

Full details available from the PRH Trade Register

The Finnish Trade Register contains more detailed information about companies. In addition to company details, the Trade Register contains details of housing companies and tenant-owners' societies.

Use the PRH Virre Information Service to buy the following documents:

  • company's financial statements
  • electronic Trade Register extracts
  • articles of association (organisation rules)
  • extracts from the Register of Foundations
  • electronic abstracts of the Register of Enterprise Mortgages

Go to Virre Information Service. Open link in a new tab

Please note: You will find associations’ details of persons entitled to sign in the online information service of the Finnish Register of Associations.

Go to the online information service of the Finnish Register of Associations.Open link in a new tab