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Business ID

What is the Business ID?

The Business ID (Business Identity Code) is a code given to businesses and organisations by the authorities. It replaces the Trade Register Number, Foundation Register Number and Business Code used before. The Business ID consists of seven digits, a dash and a control mark, i.e. it has the form 1234567-8. The code identifies the business but it is not possible to conclude on the basis of it if the business actually has been registered. That must be checked separately with the registration authorities or in the information service on this website.

How to get a Business ID

A new business will get a Business ID as soon as the authorities have entered the start-up notification in the Business Information System. The registration authorities and the information service, BIS Search, on this website will provide the Business ID in approximately two working days from the filing of such notification.

Please note that notifications to the Register of Associations cannot not be submitted through the Business Information System. A non-profit association, however, has a Business ID if it has been reported to the Trade Register or to a register of the Tax Administration by using form Y1.

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