Welcome to Finnish Business Information System

The Business Information System (BIS) is a service jointly maintained by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) and the Finnish Tax Administration.

Submit information using forms

Businesses, organisations and foundations can submit information to both the PRH and the Tax Administration by using one single notification form. You submit information by filling in a notification form and by sending it to the address given on the form.

  • Download form templates, in Finnish and in English, to register a new business, organisation or foundation (‘Start-up Notification’), or to submit changes or close down business (‘Notification on Amendments or Termination of Business’). Please note that you can use the bilingual forms in Finnish and in English but that you have to fill in them in Finnish or in Swedish. 

Business IDs and company search

All businesses, organisations and foundations recorded in the Business Information System obtain a Business Identity Code (Business ID). BIS Search provides basic details of Finnish businesses, organisations and foundations free of charge.

LEI codes

The Business Information System also provides details about international Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI codes) of companies and organisations that use derivative contracts in financial markets. Download LEI files.



2.7.2015 - 

Service break in early July closes tax offices and part of e-services navigation icon

On 4-8 July, all Tax Administration customer services are closed and some e-services are not available due to a maintenance break. All e-services on the Business Information System’s website ytj.fi will be unavailable from 3.7. at 15 o´clock onwards. The constant update from the Tax Administration to the Business Information System is not operational during the break. Nevertheless, the information in the Trade Register is up-to-date. The Search features of the Tax Debt Register are not available during the break.

24.4.2015 - 

Local register offices and ELY centres will no longer be local authorities in matters relating to the Trade Register and Register of Associations – PRH takes over housing company tasks from local register offices in September a navigation icon

Our online services are becoming more and more popular for submitting information to the Trade Register and the Register of Associations at the PRH. As online services reduce the need for staff processing notifications, all notifications submitted to those registers will be processed at the PRH from 1 September 2015 to provide a competent processing and advisory service. We will also take over the processing of housing company notifications from local register offices.

17.4.2015 - 

Now you can automatically download a file with all allocated LEI codes navigation icon

It is now possible to automatically download a file (Full) with all LEI details using the URL address /tiedostolataus.aspx?date=YYYYMMDD, where YYYY is the year, MM the month, and DD the day.

24.2.2015 - 

Easy to search for trademarks in our new database navigation icon

We have worked on and improved our trademark database. You can now check if your trademark stands out from other applied or registered trademarks or view what type of trademarks your competitors have registered. Our new database offers a diverse range of search possibilities.

31.12.2014 - 

Finnish Patent and Registration Office launches open data service navigation icon

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) has launched an open data service enabling you to search, browse and download the data from the Finnish Business Information System (BIS) maintained by the PRH and the Finnish Tax Administration.

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