What is BIS?

The Finnish Business Information System (BIS) at ytj.fi is a service jointly maintained by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) and the Finnish Tax Administration.

The details you submit through the BIS at ytj.fi are forwarded

  • to the Trade Register and the Register of Foundations, which are maintained by the PRH, and
  • to the VAT register, Prepayment Register and Employer Register, which are maintained by the Finnish Tax Administration.

Please note that associations do not file notifications online at ytj.fi but in the online service of the Register of Associations. The online filing service is only available in Finnish and in Swedish. Go to the online filing service of the Register of Associations.

If an association files a notification using a paper form, the association can use the Y forms of the PRH and the Finnish Tax Administration. You will find the forms in Finnish and in Swedish on this website in the filing instructions for associations.

Instructions and notifications

We have collected the most important information about online filing in one section. Read more about online filing.

Associations file their online notifications in the online service of the Register of Associations maintained by the PRH. Read more about associations at prh.fi.

On this website, you will find instructions on filing notifications by type of business. Go to the filing instructions and file your notification.

Company search and open data service

You can use the Company search to search for the basic details of companies, associations, and foundations by the Business ID. Read more about the company search.

The PRH open data service enables you to search, browse and download data from the Finnish Business Information System (BIS) in a machine-readable format for free. Read more about the open data service.