Frequently asked questions

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    The main line of business that the company search lists for my company does not correspond with the actual line of business of my company. How can I change the main line of business shown in the company search?

    The company search receives the main line of business from the Finnish Tax Administration, and it is based on the Standard Industrial Classification published by Statistics Finland. For further details, please visit the Statistics Finland website.

    The wording of your main line of business shown in the company search results is not necessarily exactly the same as the line of business that your company has reported to us using the notification forms or that has been registered at the Trade Register.

    If the main line of business of your company is indicated incorrectly in the company search results, or if you find a code, or a text, in the Standard Industrial Classification that better describes your line of business, please report the correct main line of business by post using our notification forms or call the Tax Administration telephone service on:

    • +358 29 497 051 (limited liability companies, private traders, general partnerships or limited partnerships)

    How can I check whether a company or a person to whom I make a payment for labour or service is listed in the Prepayment Register?

    To check this, you need to have the name and Business ID of the company or person receiving the payment. The company or person must mention the name and the Business ID in their invoice. Both details are essential when searching for private traders (“toiminimi" in Finnish), as the register may contain persons with the same name, or names may not be included in the public details at all because of privacy protection.

    In the BIS company search, you can retrieve details of registered persons or companies by using the Business ID. The names of natural persons are shown only if they are, or have been, listed in the Trade Register or the VAT Register. If they are only listed in the Prepayment Register, their name will not be shown in the public information service because of privacy protection, as the Prepayment Register also includes details of persons not running a business.

    If no names are retrieved by using the Business ID, you can also try to use the name of the issuer of the invoice as a search term. If the results show details with the same Business ID, you can be sure that the Business ID and the registered details belong to that person.

    If several persons with the same name are retrieved when you use the name as a search term, or if you are uncertain of the outcome, you should check the name of the Business ID holder by calling the Tax Administration service number on +358 20 697 051 or by contacting your local tax office.

    Why does the company search not provide any information about my association?

    Only some registered associations can be found using the company search, as the Register of Associations is not included in the Finnish Business Information System (BIS). Registered associations have a Business ID, if they are listed in the registers of the Tax Administration or in the PRH Trade Register. If that is the case, you can get access to their details using the company search and find out which registers an association has registered with.

    Changes reported to the Register of Associations are not automatically forwarded to the BIS and its services, as the Register of Associations is not included in the BIS. Associations must separately report changes, such as new address or contact details or changes to the association name, to the Tax Administration by using the notification forms available on this website.

    On the PRH website, you have free access to the AssociationNet online service providing basic details of associations registered at the Register of Associations. Go to the service.

    Do I have to mention the Business ID in my company invoices and forms?

    All companies and organizations registered at the Trade Register, VAT Register, Prepayment Register or Employer Register must mention their Business ID in their invoices, business letters and forms. When a VAT-liable company trades with another VAT-liable company in another EU Member State, the Business ID and VAT number must be shown on the invoice.

    Business ID is “Y-tunnus" in Finnish and “FO-nummer" in Swedish. VAT number is “ALV-numero" in Finnish and “momsnummer" in Swedish.

    In addition to the Business ID, limited liability companies must include their company name, place of registered office, address, and information on liquidation, if any, on their invoices, business letters and forms. Limited liability companies must also show their Business ID on their website.

    The letters and forms of branches of a foreign trader must show their Business ID and the trader's company name, legal form, register (the name of a foreign register), register number, place of registered office, and information on liquidation, if any.