Actual beneficial owners will be registered from 1 July 2019

Some companies, e.g. limited liability companies, must file a notification of their actual beneficial owners for registration from 1 July 2019. The details of beneficial owners for companies will be entered in the PRH Trade Register.

Please observe that the company must file a notification even if the company has no beneficial owners or does not know them.

The details will be registered under the Finnish Act on Money Laundering and the EU directive on money laundering.

Which companies must file a notification of their beneficial owners?

Limited liability companies and co-operatives must notify the Trade Register of their beneficial owners.

General partnerships and limited partnerships do not usually have to file a notification of beneficial owners. Notification is required only if the beneficial owner is not a partner in the company.

Listed companies and private traders do not file a notification.

Housing companies, mutual real estate limited companies, foundations, religious communities and associations do not file a notification.

The branch of a foreign trader must file the beneficiary details in accordance with the legislation of the trader’s home country.

Read more about the companies that must file a notification on the PRH website.

Who is a beneficial owner?

Those who meet any of the following requirements are considered as beneficial owners:

  • The person owns directly or indirectly more than 25 percent of the company shares.
  • The person holds directly or indirectly more than 25 percent of the voting rights in the company.
  • The person exercises actual control over the company on other grounds.

Companies are each responsible for identifying their beneficial owners.

When must the details be filed?

Companies must file a notification of their beneficial owners with the Trade Register during the period from 1 July 2019 to 1 July 2020, and after that whenever the details change.

You cannot file the details for registration before July 2019.

How to file a notification

Filing the details of beneficial owners is free of charge.

File your notification of beneficial owners using the online service at from 1 July 2019. Any changes to the details should also be filed online.

Please note that the online service is available in Finnish and in Swedish.

To use the online service, you need to have a Finnish personal identity code and either personal internet banking codes or a mobile certificate or an electronic identity card (HST card).

The notification must be signed by the same person who signs the company’s other notifications to the Trade Register, for example a member of the board of directors, the managing director or a general partner.

A company can authorise a representative so that he or she can file a notification on behalf of your company. Give authorisations using the online service at Read more about how to authorise online.